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Our Background

It all began with a dream to merge cutting-edge detailing solutions with hands-on detailing training. During our time working in the auto detailing industry, we unfortunately witnessed an obscene amount of preventable damage caused by process error and lack of education in the auto detailing world. Sadly, this is still common throughout much of the industry to this day. 

Throughout nearly 50 years combined between us working in retail and dealerships, we saw firsthand just how much conflicting information there was around auto detailing. We read information from detailers both offline and online, insisting you must spend valuable time and money trying out their methods for yourself, all with limited success for the client.

It wasn't long before we identified this large gap in the industry with regards to trade school education and certification within the auto detailing training industry. For us, we understand that you must prove your methods and quantify your results; "put your money where your mouth is" so to speak! Which is why we favour hands-on training above all other methods.

Together, we established AUTOPRO Detailing Training, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and professional detailing training for the average Joe (or Jane!).  Through our six unique detailing training courses, we educate and train auto enthusiasts how to detail cars, providing real-life hands-on experience using our equipment, tools and products.


Student satisfaction is our absolute TOP priority. There's nothing you can't learn with AUTOPRO Detailing Training. 

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We are proud to offer our certified detailing training services in the heart of Victoria, BC.


AUTOPRO Detailing Training is run by car lovers who are obsessed with auto detailing.

Andrew O'Keeffe

Andrew O’Keeffe is often recognized as the authority in European automobile care within the Vancouver Island region. His decades of experience as a technician, trainer, and operations manager have gained him a wealth of specialized knowledge to draw from.


Andrew's career began in 1996, spending the last decade overseeing detailing operations that serviced a large network of European sport and luxury brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, AMG, Maserati, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. This experience bred the need for constant re-innovation when it comes to auto detailing. Andrew began searching all over Europe, Japan, and the Middle East for new methods, new tooling, and new products, in order to cultivate a high calibre offer of the most advanced detailing methods for his clientele.

From there, his new methodical, strategic and surgical approach to detailing was adopted.

In order to deliver unequivocal quality of workmanship, Andrew believes deeply in a commitment to delivering the highest standards of excellence every single day for his clients.

As such, with many considerations to not only mitigate risk but also deliver maximized results, his clients confidently entrust their most cherished motorcars to his care. Andrew knows that servicing such a high quality of automobile demands the very best, and leaves no margin for error!

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